Flag of Israel
  • Country: Israel
  • Population: 186,600
  • Latitude: 31° 15.11' N (31.25181°)
  • Longitude: 34° 47.48' E (34.7913°)
  • Elevation: 285 m/935 ft. above sea level
  • Time zone: Asia/Jerusalem (UTC +02:00); DST observed (UTC +03:00)
  • Alternate names: B'eyr-Sheva', Be'er Sheva, Be'er Sheva`, Beer Scheva, Beer Ŝeba, Beer Șeva, Beer Ševa, Beer Sheba, Beer Sheva, Beer Sjeva, Beër Sjeva, Beer Szewa, Beer-Şeva, Beér-Seva, Beer-Sheva, Beer-Xeva, Beerseba, Beerşeba, Beerševa, Beėršėva, Beerxeba, Bersabée, Berseba, Bersebá, Berséba, Bersyeba, BEV, Be’er Scheva, Bir el Saba, Bir es Sabe, Bir es Sab`, B’er Sheva‘, Μπερ Σεβά, Беер Шева, Беер-Шева, Бершева, Беэр-Шева, Биршеба, Բեեր Շևա, באר שבע, بئر السبع, بئرشبع, பீர்சேபா, เบียร์ชีบา, ბეერ-შევა, ቤርሳቤ, ベエルシェバ, 贝尔谢巴, 베르셰바

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